Rainforest Connection

Marketing Collateral & Infographic Design


Rainforest Connection (RFCx - https://rfcx.org) is a NGO that uses upcycled mobile technology to monitor and protect remote forests, enabling real-time interventions. It's a solution that can halt illegal logging in rainforests. The fact is, destruction of tropical rainforest is a leading cause of climate change and global mass extinctions. RFCx transforms recycled cell-phones into autonomous, solar-powered listening devices that can monitor and pinpoint chainsaw activity at great distance, and providing the data openly, freely, and immediately to anyone around the world.

They've proven it in the field in Sumatra against actual illegal logging operations. Their goal is to demonstrate that their system can operate on a global scale, in any forest, anywhere.

This project was shortlisted in the London International Creative Competition 2016.


This self-initiated project is intended to develop a marketing collateral redesign for the Rainforest Connection (RFCx) that helps promoting their goal of action against illegal logging in rainforests. Infographic presentation is explored to succinctly visualize the mechanism of detection system and the old smartphone upcycling process.

The project aims to educate the public about the RFCx operation and encourage people to take part in the old smartphone donation campaign, also enhancing the communication between RFCx and other co-operative parties, that finally help expanding their system to operate on a global scale.

Isometric Vector Illustration - Old Smartphone Upcycling

3-in-1 Infographic Poster Mockup

Infographic Poster Series Mockup

Poster in Bus Shelter - Mockup

Brochure Mockup - Front Cover & Inner Page

Brochure Mockup - Front Cover & Back Cover

Brochure Mockup - Inner Page 1 & 2

Brochure Mockup - Inner Page 3 & 4

Brochure Mockup - Inner Page 5 & 6

Direct Mail Design - Old smartphone donation & upcycling campaign

Direct Mail Mockup - Outer Pack Front & Back Cover

Direct Mail Mockup - Outer Pack Cover: Tear open & phone taken out

Direct Mail Mockup -Envelope Front & Back

Direct Mail Mockup - Envelope Tear open: Reuse for donated phone return mail, reseal tape underneath the flap

Please note that this project was completed as part of a self-initiated brief, and was not commissioned by the company featured or any associated companies.