Acecgt NutriGene

Corporate Visual Identity


From the lab to the dining table - Nutritional Genomics is recognized as a major breakthrough in the nutritional sciences. Nutrigenetics is a branch of nutritional genomics which aims to identify genetic susceptibility to diseases and genetic variation in the effects of nutrient intake on the genome.

Acecgt NutriGene (ANG) is established for investigating individual genetic differences that can affect the way individual responses to diet and nutrients. This exciting new frontier offers tremendous promise through a proactive approach, by making recommendation on personalizing the diet and lifestyle factors based on your own genetic profile.

We've been invited to create a full set of corporate visual identity for this brand new biotechnology company.


The shape of the logo is basically formed by the letters - "A", "N" and "G". The "A" & "N" are combined and modified as the form of strand of human DNA helix, whereas the metaphor of "identifying genetic issue regarding nutrient intake" is visually expressed by the intersection of the curve of "G" with the diagonal stroke of "N". The orange stripe implies the identified substance that affecting the genome.




We've created a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website with minimal UI design - The biotechnological knowledge is intuitively presented to the target audience through the help of interactive scrollable animation effects and bold infographics, that offers an immersive experience which facilitate the online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social community building and the analysis of customers' behaviour.