App UI & Visual Identity


Within the healthcare industry, there are many different moving parts, with patients, doctors, hospitals, caregivers, and pharmaceutical organizations all looking to achieve the same goal – a better, healthier lifestyle for everyone. Technology has provided a more efficient way of collating important data for personalized healthcare, allowing professionals to work more closely with individuals and resulting in a more cohesive network. This is being dubbed as Healthcare 4.0.

Through the MODA app, subscribers can connect with professional coaches who can learn the intricacies of an individual’s diet and keep track of their daily exercise routine. Quickly accumulate relevant data through the MODA scale and MODA watch, by connecting to the app. Then, by utilizing the MODA app, individuals can easily spend time with professionals to get up-to-date advice without the need to be in the same room, or even the same continent.


The visual identity features an alluringly rendered colour gradient as the main design element; in fact, this vibrant palette is derived from a combination of two natural phenomena - Polar night & Midnight sun, which is the metaphor of unceasing and omnipresent connection between MODA’s subscribers and professionals. Polygon graphic is aptly used as an elegant expression of cohesive network connection as well as the intricacies of big data - diet plans and exercise routines. The letterform "M" extruded with negative space ingeniously depicts the new dimension of advanced healthcare technology.


"Login" and "Device Connect" Section

"Dashboard" Screen

"Steps" Section

"Exercise", "Food Journey", "Pro-advice" and "Weight" Section