Yùn Tea

Tea Art of the Chinese Horoscope


Yùn Tea (茗願茶) is a premium tea gift collection with the concept of Chinese zodiac and horoscopes, incorporating a bilingual brand identity, that helps to promote this Chinese cultural tradition to the worldwide people through an innovative approach and contemporary tone of voice. The graphic style of western chinoiserie willow pattern has been manipulated with the eastern Chinese papercutting zodiac character, that creating a unique visual identity which is related to tea and zodiac lucky flower.

This project has won the German Design Award 2018 in Excellent Communications Design - Packaging


A' Design Award in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category, 2016 - 2017.

Teapot-shaped premium tea packaging (Pig)

Teapot-shaped premium tea packaging (Rat, Ox and Tiger)

Teapot-shaped premium tea packaging (Rabbit, Snake and Sheep)

Teapot-shaped premium tea packaging (Monkey, Rooster and Dog)

Alternative approach of teapot packaging (Dragon - Wooden box with laser engraving)

Yùn Tea bilingual brand identity

A set of twelve zodiac identities (Re-interpretation of chinoiserie willow pattern with the connotation of tea and zodiac lucky flower)

Complete artwork of outer packaging net (Dragon)

Complete artwork of outer packaging net (Horse)

Complete artwork of outer packaging net (Pig)

Individual flower-tea bag packaging (Dragon, Horse and Pig)

The packs are deliberately arranged and presented as a floral pattern, it also symbolizes the shape of a Chinese lucky windmill

Infographic brochure (Horse)

The structure and unfolding process is just a metaphor of flower blooming. By further reflecting the concept of lucky windmill, the layout is arranged so that all contents are oriented towards the centre, while reading the leaflet, people will rotate it naturally and simulate the action of turning the windmill and having a good fortune

Infographic brochure (Dragon and Pig)

Leaf-shaped tea bag tag that links up the specific horoscope website for the purpose of presenting the monthly luck prediction


Yùn Tea Design Report
(PDF download: 5MB)


Packaging design for Lufthansa Group (HK) CNY 2018 “Year of the Dog” promotional gift