Portillo Estudio

Brand Identity


The idea of this lifestyle store was blossomed by the founders of the company, Mr. Robert Lo and his wife, Nico. The couple has travelled to many countries over the years and their passion for interior design has been cultivated during the course of their business. Ski Portillo (where the idea of the boutique name comes from) is a unique resort located in the Andes Mountains 120 km from Santiago de Chile, where they have spent an unforgettable moment in this exceptional paradise.

We've been invited to create a set of brand identity for this new lifestyle concept store located in China.


Our lifestyle is what shapes our everyday lives, and to experience our lives to the fullest, merely seeing and touching the belongings that we own is not sufficient, but it's using all five of our senses (Tactile, Olfactory, Visual, Auditory & Gustatory) together to the fullest extent to feel the whole atmosphere and ambience, and to really relish it.

The concept of this logo is based on a pentagon, each corner representing each sense, the lines intertwining representing the joint senses, and the endless possibility of different combinations that will be provided by Portillo Estudio.




Portillo Estudio, a new rising star in China home design, is like a fresh breeze sweeping across the stuffy summer of a steamy desert. People are all born with their uniqueness and individuality. No individuals are the same, not even between father and son, or mother and daughter. In Portillo Estudio, it is believed that a home is the most intimate place next to one's heart, a place where people can express themselves through their selection of colors, design, and the display of collectibles.