Chengdu IFS Revamp 2022

Website Design


IFS reflects Chengdu’s personality, lifestyle and attitude. The complex was designed to offer a fresh, interconnected experience for sophisticated consumers. The food, the fashion, the culture all help make Chengdu a unique place where civic pride is a vital part of its citizens’ identity.

Chengdu IFS understands and shares the city’s aspirations and it act as both a window into Chengdu culture as well as a gateway that links it to a wider world. At the heart of its brand is the desire to bring the people of Chengdu together as one.


Chengdu IFS connects the fabulous people of Chengdu to a unique range of international experiences, providing a window on the world and a portal to a global lifestyle. The concept is about "CONNECTEDNESS" and "HERE" is the key to the campaign. We take the essence of the "I am HERE" design and use the unique panda’s geometric lines to create a pattern on the signature tagline. This bold and dynamic statement takes the geometric theme to a new level of engagement allowing us to apply all manner of attributes to the core graphic elements.